COVID-19 reshaped the world and made us rethink the future and the past both in the same breath. The way we conduct our daily lives has gone through a massive paradigm shift. This pandemic brought the world to a grinding halt. The 1st wave of the pandemic (2020) got us supplying over 20,000 meals per day along with ration kits in association with the Government of Delhi to the needy as they fled from the capital once the lockdown was announced.

The 2nd wave (2021) of the pandemic and increasing cases in Delhi NCR, we are working round the clock to not only feed those in need, but also help those who are tirelessly waiting to get cylinders filled and assisting homeless / daily wage workers by providing for them.

As its the need of the hour, we have set up a 100 people covid isolation centre in collaboration with Sanik Farm's WARWA for the less privileged where we provide beds, meals & basic medical facilities.

The surge in cases has lead to the situation for the less privileged going from bad to worse. Every day, we at Rasoi On Wheels Foundation get distress calls asking for meals, ration kits & essential items

We are already suppling over 3000 meals, bottles of water & masks daily to those in need of food, these are people living in basti’s/slums (an overcrowded area where many poor people live), rainbasra's, flyovers, outside hospitals, old age homes, orphanages, blind homes etc.

Other initiatives we have started are further helping the society - - #TogetherForO2: A free oxygen concentrator bank on service for the needy. - Rehabilitation of COVID widows & their families